back to school: question and answer session with business students

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In addition to taking the traditional classes (business, management, finance, marketing, and data analysis) I’ve also offered an intro to business class where I’ve asked the students to think about their own businesses and how they may be a good fit for business students.

I’ve had several different questions asked during the last three days.

The question and answer session I ran with business students was a bit of a test. I did my absolute best to make it a real, genuine question and answer session, and I hope that the students that I spoke with have been able to see that the format was a good representation of what a real academic event normally should be.

I met a few business students recently and I am eager to know what they think of the way we teach business skills in our business school. I’ve been wondering if I’m teaching them the wrong skill set or if I’m teaching them the right skill set.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share with you some of the topics that I have been learning about this summer. I hope you can learn something from them and be encouraged to expand your knowledge in the process.

This month, we have been working with our business students to design a summer camp for them. I’m asking students to share the following questions, plus some of their answers, as a way of getting to know them better.

I had a really good question for the last panel. There may be a good reason why people don’t wear their hats during the summer months. The sun has been too harsh for us to wear hats, so it’s not practical or comfortable. But what if we just didn’t wear their hats? That would be the end of summer. But when you asked why, we didn’t quite get the answer we wanted.

If you are one of the many business students who have been away from school for a while, then it’s probably time to get yourself back in the game. As a college student, I know that everyone works and studies a lot at the same time, so we are always challenged with making decisions and doing things in a timely manner. You are sure to hear from me about my experience as an entrepreneur and a business student all the way around this whole “back to school” thing.

The entire concept of back to school is not new, but it is still something that many people don’t take seriously. Back to school is typically when a family moves forward with school, but for many, it is still a time of chaos and excitement.

Today was a question and answer session with business student. One of the questions asked was “Is it true that when you’re a student in your first year, you’re already “in your second year”?” The questioner had a similar question for his second-year students (“Are you still in your first year?”). After some discussion, the student decided that the answer was no.

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